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Bandhavgarh national park is a popular safari destination at Madhya Pradesh in India. It is known for good tiger safari experience thus most preferred wildlife tourism destination for tiger photography. Large number of tourists are visiting Bandhavgarh to experience good tiger sighting and capture the tiger sighting in there digital cameras. Here main safari season is from October to June month. During this period, jeep safaris are possible in core zone forests area. During monsoon season, only buffer zones remain open for visitors. While planning for tour to this national park, dates and duration matters alot. This decides our probability to see tigers. Here we have tried to find answer to this obvious question as what is ideal tour duration for visiting Bandhavgarh national park.

Oct - Nov - Dec

If you are visiting Bandhavgarh in October to December months, then you need to do more jungle safari drives to enhance your tiger sighting probability. These are post monsoon months with lot of greenery. These 3 months are transition period when we will be moving from post monsoon period to peak winter period. In addition to this, wide water availability will also reduce the chances of tiger sighting near waterhole will remain less. Thus in this period, we need to do at least 5 rounds of jungle safari. We should try to do safari in those zones which have more density of safari trails as major sightings will take place in safari routes.

Jan - Feb - Mar

It is the period when we will be moving from peak winter experience to summers. From photographers point of view, it is best time for tiger photography. Struggle for safari will be comparatively less and many small waterholes get dried up thus tiger movements was increased and sighting will also be better than post monsoon period. Here we recommend at least 4 rounds of jungle safari drive in most popular safari zone/s. During this period, tiger body coat will remain bright and shiny thus image queality will be better with some greenery in background and tigers will also seen in different moods.

Apr - May - June

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It is peak summer period when struggle for core zone safari permits will be at its peak. Months of Apr - May till mid of June will get sold out, for core zone in Jan- Feb months itself. During this period, Sal trees will keep jungle green but under growths and lantana will not pose any challenge in visibility. In this period, tiger sighting probability will be very high. Searching nearby waterholes will given good result. In this period, if you are doing 3 safaris in Bandhavgarh, most probably you will have tiger sighting.
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